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Wreckmaster Certification

The WreckMaster certification program began in 1991 along with the introduction of its hands-on training program. At that time our goal was to incorporate a means of classifying the skill level of the towing and recovery operator.

The WreckMaster certification program is the towing industry's first operator certification and since its introduction in 1991 over 20,000 towing and recovery operators have chosen WreckMaster for their towing certification. It has been developed and redeveloped each and every year that the program has been presented. We feel that through our research and development team we can stay in tune with our changing industry through direct contact at our training seminars and industry events.

We feel that challenging our student to achieve their very best instills confidence and professionalism.

Towing & Recovery Association of Kentucky

We would like you as a member of our prestigious association. TRAK was founded in April of 1981 for the purpose of preserving the integrity of the independent tower in Kentucky. Please take the time to read this important message. If you are content with all aspects of your industry, you should pass this message on to another operator who is not. However, if you are not happy with your insurance, municipal contracts, storage laws, insurance "dumping", taxes or your perceived image by the public, then read on.

Just think of how many ways TRAK can help you save money, solve some of your business problems, provide you with useful business information, and provide you with an opportunity to meet others in the towing industry. The Towing & Recovery Association of Kentucky was formed to assist you and the towing industry in such matters. We are committed to excellence in the fields of education and training, legislation, and the vital services we offer our members.

The association was formed by towmen - from single-truck operators to interstate carrier operators. If you are a small operator, you represent the majority and are the backbone of our industry in Kentucky. Please join in our commitment to improve both our image and the future progress of the towing industry. Remember: with over 650 registered towing operators in Kentucky; your membership can build this association into something we can all be proud of: a group of towers united in integrity and leadership.

Towing & Recovery Association of Ohio

TRAO is a not for profit, statewide association which was established by dedicated men and women who realized that one company could do little to alter the direction of their industry or to change many of the inequities that their industry must endure.

The objectives of TRAO are to provide a means for unified effort in the solution of problems, and the administering of such action that may be deemed necessary for the betterment of the Towing industry.


  • Light Duty Car Carrier Towing
  • Heavy and Medium Towing
  • Heavy, Medium, & Light Duty Recovery
  • Door Unlocks
  • Load Shifts
  • Indoor Storage
  • Equipment Recovery & Hauling
  • Flat Bed Truck Service
  • Flat Bed Service
  • Damage-Free Towing
  • Commercial Road Service
  • Tire Changes
  • Expedite Delivery
  • Freight Forwarding
  • Long Distance Towing & Transportation
  • Forklift Service
  • Landoll and Large Flatbed
  • Services
  • Dealer Specials
  • Pickup and Delivery
  • Towing
  • Aircraft Recovery & Transportation
  • Parking Garage Truck
  • Tires Changes
  • Motor Cycle
  • Transportation
  • Semi Tractors For Re-powering Loads

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