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Recovery Service

With over 40 years of experience in heavy, medium, and light duty recovery McGuires Towing & Recovery can handle anything that arises. We have completed some of the regions most challenging recoveries while saving the owner's of the vehicles involved time and money. With forklifts, light towers, and generators we have a large array of support equipment to make difficult jobs easier on our customers. Whether You have a large truck in need of rescue or a passenger car over a hill, with one call we will be on the way to assist you. Remember to always request the best, Request McGuires Towing & Recovery.

Call us anytime, day or night at (606) 325-0618. We always are on call and waiting to help you or your company with knowledgeable operators who provide reliable quality service at competitive rates.


  • Light Duty Car Carrier Towing
  • Heavy and Medium Towing
  • Heavy, Medium, & Light Duty Recovery
  • Door Unlocks
  • Load Shifts
  • Indoor Storage
  • Equipment Recovery & Hauling
  • Flat Bed Truck Service
  • Flat Bed Service
  • Damage-Free Towing
  • Commercial Road Service
  • Tire Changes
  • Expedite Delivery
  • Freight Forwarding
  • Long Distance Towing & Transportation
  • Forklift Service
  • Landoll and Large Flatbed
  • Services
  • Dealer Specials
  • Pickup and Delivery
  • Towing
  • Aircraft Recovery & Transportation
  • Parking Garage Truck
  • Tires Changes
  • Motor Cycle
  • Transportation
  • Semi Tractors For Re-powering Loads

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